Resources for Homeowners

A new furnace or air conditioning system is a big investment. Make sure your new equipment or system is installed by a well-trained contractor and comes with an HVAC SAVE rating. The following documents can help guide you in your decision.

 How to Choose a Contractor

Choosing a contractor is an important first step in replacing or maintaining your current HVAC equipment. Different companies offer a variety of services. You can use this document to help with your contractor selection process.

 How Ductwork Affects Your Comfort

Ductwork is an important component of comfort in your home. Not everyone realizes the large role ductwork plays in your home’s energy use and, ultimately, your energy bill. This document seeks to inform you about common issues with ductwork.

 HVAC Project Estimates

Since HVAC SAVE testing is newer to this market, here are some project estimates that can help educate you on expected expenses.

 HVAC SAVE Rating Explanation

This document will provide you with an overview of the importance of using an HVAC SAVE certified contractor and getting an HVAC SAVE rating for your equipment and system.