Already Been Certified

The HVAC SAVE certification credential is awarded to individuals who demonstrate knowledge and competency in the installation and verification testing of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment.

By becoming HVAC SAVE certified, you have demonstrated that you have skills and commitment to ensure that a piece of heating and cooling equipment is operating at the desired efficiency.

If you have attended an HVAC SAVE training and have passed the exam, you should have received both a certificate of HVAC SAVE achievement and a wallet card with your certification number on it within 4-6 weeks of your class. If you haven’t received these items in that time period, please contact us via email or call us at (844) 672-0954, option 1.

This certification lasts for two years. After this time period, you will be expected to recertify to continue to participate in the HVAC SAVE program. You will receive information regarding recertification pending your expiration date.  


For recertification, all HVAC SAVE certified contractors will be required to complete a recertification quiz to demonstrate their knowledge of the HVAC SAVE testing process and pay a $75 recertification fee. If you have been actively participating in the program and have completed 4 or more HVAC SAVE qualifying jobs in the past 12 months, email within 60 days of your certification expiration date to request the quiz and participation agreement.

After a successful completion of the quiz, you will be notified by email with a link to pay the $75 recertification fee to finish the recertification process.

If you have not been actively participating in the SAVE program, you will need to complete the necessary amount of jobs up to 4 to be considered active and then take the quiz. If you do not achieve an active participation status, you will need to retake the one day training to become HVAC SAVE certified again.

Contractors will be notified by mail prior to their expiration date with details regarding the renewal process and the timeline in which they need to complete the process

HVAC SAVE Contractor Policies and Requirements

The HVAC SAVE program has a Quality Assurance policy that instills confidence that the HVAC SAVE program policies and requirements are being upheld across the state in all participating utility service territories. HVAC SAVE certified contractors will be held responsible for upholding the outlined Contractor Policies and Requirements. The Contractor Policies and Requirements ensures that all participating contractors abide by a minimum work standard and contractors that have repeated infractions will no longer be able to participate in the program.

  Contractor Policies and Requirements

Please review the Contractor Policies and requirements document, sign, and either:

Email it to: OR

Mail it to: MEEA Attn: HVAC Save, 20 N. Wacker Dr. Suite 1301, Chicago, IL 60606

If you have any question or concerns about the new Contractor Policies and Requirements, please contact us at or 844.672.0954, option 1

Home Improvement Catalyst Contractor Resources

The HVAC SAVE program is committed to supporting the Home Improvement Catalyst (Hi-Cat),  a new DOE initiative that aims to support high impact opportunities for home improvements to achieve optimal energy savings.  HVAC SAVE contractors are encouraged to visit the website in order to utilize the resources that are available in order to work towards this initiative.